Our FSA-eligible, 100% money back guarantee policy:

At FSAstore.com, we guarantee that every product we carry is FSA-eligible. If you purchased a product from us and your FSA provider denies your properly-filed claim, contact us at info@fsastore.com with the info below and one of our FSA experts can help.

  • Your order number
  • The item(s) SKU number
  • The name of your FSA provider

We’ll provide you with substantiation for any product(s) in question and if your FSA provider still denies your claim after, we’ll give you a full refund!

Keep in mind that products marked with a red checkmark are always 100% FSA-eligible, while products marked with a blue “Rx” icon require a prescription from your doctor in order to be eligible. If you purchased a blue “Rx” product and failed to provide your FSA provider with a prescription dated before the time of your order, we cannot consider it a properly-filed claim. If this is the case, and you’d like a refund, you can return the product via our normal return process.

In the rare case that your FSA provider explicitly prohibits reimbursement for certain categories or items (e.g. contraception), it’s your responsibility to know the limits of your coverage. If this is the case and you’ve been denied reimbursement, we cannot consider the claim properly-filed. However, if you’d like a refund, you can return the product via our normal return process.

If you are using an HRA at FSA Store, as with all plans we recommend that you check the eligibility allowance of your plan as many HRAs do not allow OTC. As with FSAs, if your HRA plan does not allow for the products we carry by design, we cannot consider your claim properly-filed