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AirFeet DIABETES ETS Insoles, Size 1X (M 11-12.5; W 13-15), Pair

3.3 9 Reviews

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FSA-OK. This item can be purchased with an FSA Card. No prescription necessary.

About this product


Superior Pain Relief with Dynamic Heel to Toe Comfort. 

AirFeet® DIABETES ETS (Enhanced Toe Stimulation) Insoles target relief and comfort for those living with neuropathy pain. Experience Life Changing results with our Super Thin 2.5mm design made to fit all footwear. No need to remove existing footbed or insert, just place right on top of existing insert. 

Maximum comfort & Relief with the full Heel to Toe stimulation. 

It’s the Best Weird you’ll ever feel!

  • Comfort and Pain Relief benefits
  • Neuropathy, Hot Feet, Tingling, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet
  • Standing, Walking, Working, Leisure Activities
  • Interchangeable and Reversible
  • Compliments Orthotics
  • Therapeutic Muscle and Circulatory Stimulation 
  • Full HEEL to TOE dynamic action and relief 
  • Woven and breathable fabric for superior wicking of moisture
  • Easy Care Machine Washable - Soothing when Cooled !
  • 12 month unconditional warranty
  • Designed & Assembled in USA
  • NO Trimming necessary due to ETS design
  • 1X fits Men's Size: 11-12.5 and Women's Size: 13-15
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    Rated 3.3 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

    Published 10 months ago

    the air pockets in them made my toes rub the top of my shoes and made my feet sore

    Published 10 months ago

    Very odd insoles. Uncomfortable.

    Published 10 months ago

    makes my feet feel much better throughout the day. On my feet a lot each day, really works.

    Published 1 year ago

    Definitely a strange feeling to get used to but my feet feel better afterwards.

    Published 1 year ago

    My feet feel like I'm floating on air.

    Published 1 year ago

    These feel soft i have not put them in my shoes yet.

    Published 1 year ago

    very very uncomfortable they actually hurt my feet and knees more then just wearing my shoes alone

    Published 1 year ago

    They are the wrong size so haven't used them

    Published 1 year ago

    I really cannot tell how effective the are because the shoes i tried them with didn't allow the space. Will try in other shoes.

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