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Cara 9" Ice Bag


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Cara Cold Therapy English Ice Bag, 9" dia., Latex-Free

The Cara Cold Therapy Ice Bag is designed to help aid your comfort and alleviate fever symptoms or aches and swelling. This ice cold bag has a 9-inch diameter that fluffs out for wide coverage. The 1 pk Cara Cold Therapy Bag contains dry natural rubber and is made to rest easily on a variety of places on the body, including the head.

  • New durable water-proof fabric electra mechanically sealed.
  • Cold Therapy used for the treatment of muscle strains and sprains.
  • Latex-Free.
Fill ice bag 3/4 full with cubes or crushed ice. Do not crush ice in the bag. Float cubes in water first before placing in bag to prevent sharp edges from cutting rubber. Twist cap on tightly. Apply to desired area. AFTER USE AND STORAGE: Drain bag and air dry before replacing cap. Store in a cool dry place.
Do not boil or autoclave. This product contains dry natural rubber.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 21 reviews.

Published 1 week ago

Nice product, as pictured

Published 2 weeks ago

Reminds me of my grandma. Great for small areas

Published 3 weeks ago

I have migraines, no substitution for the real thing!!

Published 1 month ago

Product works great but I wish I would have gotten the larger one.

Published 1 month ago

Kids love it and it's a really cool print

Published 1 month ago

Like the flexibility. Just like grandmas just to have.

Published 1 month ago

Good Quality and nice size

Published 2 months ago

My mom swears by these, uses them all the time

Published 10 months ago

Great product. Will use it again.

Published 10 months ago

I have been looking for this type of ice bag and didn't think they made them anymore

Published 10 months ago

my daughter loves to use this for her after karate soreness, especially the fact that it does leak

Published 10 months ago

Very handy for my 5 year old!

Published 10 months ago

Haven't used it yet. But I know it's need.

Published 1 year ago

These work great!! Excellent for conforming to Joints.

Published 1 year ago

I own several of these!! I use this at school so the baggies of ice don't drip all over my classroom floor!!

Published 1 year ago

Bought this item and the quality is awesome !

Published 1 year ago

Perfect for staying on the head.

Published 1 year ago

Work really well by maintaining the cold temperature needed but doesn't sting or burn the skin. Easy to clean and able to use and reuse. Quality produce at a good price

Published 1 year ago

Nice material and easy to insert ice

Published 1 year ago

Small & like that it takes ice cubes.

Published 1 year ago

great product! I will definitely order this again.

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