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Compact CPR Barrier by Life Mask with Red Bag, 1 ea

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  • Insert bite block into victim's mouth, making certain that areas marked nose and chin are placed properly on the victim's face.
  • Open Victim's airway using the approved head tilt/chin-lift method.
  • Pinch the victim's nose closed with fingers of one hand.
  • Rescuer's mouth must be open sufficiently enough to encircle the blue breathing tube. Apply firm pressure with mouth to ensure an adequate seal.
  • Begin rescue breathing in accordance with accepted CPR techniques.
  • Close attention must be kept to assure proper exhalation by the victim and the possibility of regurgitation or vomit by the victim, thereby obstructing the victim's airway. Clear any obstructions using currently accepted methods.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

Published 2 months ago

Seems good, haven't used it yet (thank goodness). It's going in the emergency kit.

Published 3 months ago

Great product, added to my home first aid kit!

Published 5 months ago

This was nice to have on vacation just in case we needed it .

Published 7 months ago

Haven't had to use it but good to have just in case

Published 7 months ago

This is convenient and fits in any bag


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