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Duro-Med TheraBeads Neck Pain Relief, 1 ea

4.0 7 Reviews

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About this product


TheraBeads Microwaveable Collar Moist Heat Wraps are Specially contoured for aching neck and shoulder muscles.

  • Fully adjustable with closure to prevent slippage. Includes cover.
  • TheraBeads consist of tiny hydroscopic beads mixed with a special proprietary fluid that enhances their ability to capture moisture.
  • When heated in a microwave oven, TheraBeads release their retained moisture, providing pain relieving therapeutic moist heat.
  • After treatment, the amazing TheraBeads rejuvenate themselves by recovering moisture from ambient air.
  • Because of this phenomenon, TheraBeads, with proper care, can be used indefinitely.

    These incredible pads deliver comforting moist heat therapy for:
  • muscle aches
  • arthritis pains
  • sinus headaches
  • tension.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

Published 4 months ago

Easily fits your body but cools quicker than I would like.

Published 4 months ago

Works as described. A little tall for my neck

Published 4 months ago

A little bulky but works well

Published 1 year ago

It fits well! After I heat it, the heat dissipates quick. Overall a good product!!

Published 1 year ago

Carful with this one. I thought it felt great... but an hour later my husband came home and asked what on earth happened to my neck. Two large burns I didn't even realize it.

Published 1 year ago

Feels good and comfortable.

Published 1 year ago

This helped relieve tension in my neck due to stress!

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