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Family Essentials

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Taking care of all family members is easy with the comprehensive Family Essentials kit. The set consists of first aid items, a cold compress, lip balm, heat wraps and more.

Each Family Essentials Bundle contains:

  • Free Tote Bag
  • Be Koool Soft Gel Sheets, Adults
  • Be Koool Soft Gel Sheets, Kids
  • Easy Care First Aid Kits On the Go
  • Adventure First Aid 1.0
  • Band Aid Children's Adhesive bandages ,Mickey Mouse 20 ea
  • Band Aid Cars Children's Adhesive bandages , 20 ea
  • Band-Aid Tough Strips large, 10 strips
  • Band-Aid Plus Children's Adhesive SpongeBob Assorted Sizes, 20 ea
  • Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Travel Pack 8 Ea
  • Band Aid Blister cushion
  • Nasal cease Nosebleed Packings, 5 Each
  • Cara Ice Bag - 6 to 11 in diameter
  • Reusable Cold Compress 7.5" X 11", 1 ea
  • Sea-Band Wristband, One Size, 1 pr
  • Ice IT Cold Pack for Neck, jaw or sinus
  • Pedi-Quick Safety Corn & Callus Trimmer
  • Visco-Gel Heel-So-Smooth Heel sleeves, 1 Pr
  • SpeedRead Digital Thermometer, 1 ea
  • Ayr Saline Nasal Mist, 1.69 fl oz
  • Nasal Spray for Kids .5 to 1.5 fl oz
  • Banana Boat Aloe Vera with Vitamin E Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 45, 0.15 oz
  • ThermaCare Air-Activated Heatwraps, Back and Hip
  • Profoot Care Velvetex Moleskin 2 ea

Products included may vary slightly from items pictured and/or listed.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

Published 1 months ago

This was in back order but we got a credit quickly

Published 1 months ago

some of the item were not practical for our family

Published 1 months ago

It was good, I had no issues.

Published 1 months ago

No Comment. I have nothing to say about this product.

Published 3 months ago

Perfect kit for the whole family!

Published 3 months ago

Lots of stuff for a decent price. A few items I wouldn’t have necessarily purchased otherwise that I may or may not use but mostly good items that I definitely will use.

Published 5 months ago

Will come in handy when needed.

Published 6 months ago

So many useful items was very happy with order.

Published 6 months ago

Great experience! Good prices and free shipping!! Got my products delivered today

Published 6 months ago

Great products and very useful products


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