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Goodnites® Girls Nighttime Pants, Small/Medium, 38 to 65 lbs, 33 ea


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About this product

Outstanding pajama protection. No latex. Super absorbent. Comfortable fit. Soft, quiet materials. Clothing Sizes: 8-14 (L-XL). Weight: 38-65 lb. Did you know? Bedwetting is common. 20% of 4 to 12-year-olds wet the bed.

The #1 Nighttime Protection Brand†

If your daughter is potty trained, but still isn’t staying dry at night, you aren’t alone, 1 out of every 6 kids wets the bed. GoodNites Bedtime Pants for Girls helps keep pajamas and sheets dry at night by making bedwetting accidents discreet. As the #1 nighttime protection brand†, Disposable GoodNites® Underwear are made just for kids age 4 and up and are 40% more absorbent than training pants.††

GoodNites® now have 25% stretchier sides to fit and move like underwear, helping protect your child against overnight accidents. The disposable underwear features an absorbent pad that wicks away moisture, with leak guards to provide additional protection. GoodNites® Bedtime Pants fit growing children up to 125 pounds. Don’t keep your son in pants meant for toddlers when accidents happen at night. †Bedwetting management ††versus the leading training pant size 4T/5T

GoodNites® Bedtime Pants for Girls offer discreet protection when your son lies down. But if disposable bedwetting underwear isn’t right for your family, GoodNites® has you covered with TRU-FIT – a revolutionary new nighttime protection that is actually real underwear paired with a disposable insert.. 33 count

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

Published 2 months ago

These are ok but can leak on occasion

Published 3 months ago

Always work great. Will purchase again

Published 3 months ago

I have used this product for my daughter and the Quality is great and the product is worth the value.

Published 4 months ago

Very good product. These help with bedwetting issues.

Published 4 months ago

Very effective in keeping my daughter dry during the night.

Published 4 months ago

I am an avid purchaser of these for my little one. They get the job done. Arrived promptly.

Published 1 year ago

Great for kids who have that accident

Published 1 year ago

Great product definitely a help when potty training.

Published 2 years ago

Great product, would buy again.

Published 2 years ago

I bought these for my daughter. She has been potty trained but still has accidents at night and these work amazing.

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