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KT Tape Recovery+™ Ice/Heat Therapy Ball

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KT RECOVERY™ ICE/HEAT MASSAGE BALL is an innovative approach to the traditional roller ball that far surpasses anything in the market. It combines the benefits of both deep tissue massage therapy and hot/cold treatment to warm-up and loosen muscles (hot therapy), and relieve pain and inflammation (cold therapy). The Massage Ball’s unique design allows for two different easily interchangeable hot and cold inserts—one designed to retain heat for longer, and one designed to retain coldness for longer. Users can easily switch between the two as needed to address a range of muscle treatment needs.
  • Multi-functional massage roller ball with hot and cold therapy versatility
  • Specially formulated gel inserts for longer heat and ice therapies
  • Designed with physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors
  • Ergonomic rounded three-point design to fit all hand sizes
  • Removable steel ball can be used alone or inside of housing
  • TSA Compliant
What's Inside?
  • Highly durable ergonamic plastic casting that houses the steel roller ball and is covered in a smooth latex-free rubber for optimal comfort and grip
  • Steel roller ball that screws open to fit either cold (ice blue) or hot (fire orange) silicone inserts
  • Ice blue silicone ball insert for cold treatment, easily stored in the freezer
  • Fire orange silicone ball insert for hot treatment, easily microwaved
  • Mesh bag for easy storage and travel
  • Instruction Sheet
  1. Twist apart collar from handle and remove steel ball
  2. (For hot or cold therapy) Twist open steel ball and insert hot or cold silicone insert
  3. Twist shut steel ball, replace in handle and twist shut collar on handle
  4. Grip rubber and roll steel ball over desired area for massage therapy

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Published 6 days ago

Differently makes a different.

Published 1 week ago

awsome product to use at home

Published 1 week ago

I've only used the heat, but it worked very well and stayed warm for a considerable amount of time.

Published 2 weeks ago

Excellent - I'm very happy with this product


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