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We accept all FSA Cards and all major credit cards and FSA Administrators:

Adding Value for Your FSA Participants

Some of Our TPA Partners
(We have 100+ valued TPA partners. For the full list, click here) is THE One-Stop-Shop for All Things FSA is an e-commerce store completely focused on serving customers with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Beyond selling the largest selection of FSA eligible items that can be purchased online using an FSA card or major credit card, we also provide a wealth of information to users, including an FSA Learning Center, a dynamic FSA Eligibility List, and an FSA Blog updated daily with all the latest FSA happenings. Our mission is to make it easier for FSA holders to understand and use their FSA dollars, and above all, never lose another cent because they forgot or didn't know how to spend their funds.

We actively partner with Third Party Administrators (TPA) and FSA benefits providers to deliver our FSA solutions directly to plan participants, and currently have relationships with 100+ benefits providers. Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of partnership.

How Our Partnerships Work

Become a TPA Partner

Get resources for FSA Participants

Ongoing Partner Support

Next Level Customization

Signing up is fast, free, and simple. Just speak with one of our partnership managers, and we'll handle the rest

We will provide you with all the resources necessary to begin education your FSA participants. We can provide both turnkey solutions and custom campaigns.

Our partnership team will continue to provide additional help and support. We offer programs and materials to help educate your employer groups, and sales and service teams.

We are always looking for new ways to work with partners to better serve FSA participants. Our team is ready to work with you to figure out custom service solutions.

The Benefits of Partnership

IT'S FREE - there is no cost to partners, only upside.

IT'S EASY - we do the work, so minimal resources are needed from your end. We will provide customized turnkey materials, as well as ongoing marketing and technical support.

IT ADDS VALUE - we provide a convenient service and educational resource for your FSA participants. They will also get access to special coupons and promotions.

IT IMPROVES OUTCOMES - your participants become more informed and active, and prospective participants see the potential utility of enrolling in an FSA.

What We Offer FSA Participants

The largest selection of FSA eligible items that can be purchased online using an FSA card.

We accept all FSA cards and all major credit and debit cards.

A guarantee that all the items we carry are FSA eligible. We are a participanting member of SIGIS, and adhere strictly to its eligibility guidelines.

24/7 customer service via phone, email and live-chat. Our staff of FSA experts are always happy to help answer customer questions.

An FSA Learning Center with answers to users' most common FSA questions, articles, videos, and the ability to "ask an FSA expert".

An FSA Eligibility List that allows users to find eligible products that require a prescription, as well as eligible medical services.

An FSA Calculator and other FSA Tools to help users figure out how much they can save by using an FSA.

A prescription processing service that allows users to buy OTC medications that require a prescription in order to be reimbursable.

Contact Us to Get Started

Contact us to get started, or learn more about the program. Our partnership managers would be happy to assist you.

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Sample Campaigns

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" enhances our FSA offering, making it easier for participants to use their FSA funds."

- Paul Davidson, Director, Product Management, Paychex

" offers clear convenience, ease of use, and seamless customized promotional programs."

- Donald Pierce, President, Pierce Group Benefits.

"In addition to offering a great online buying experience, also provides excellent educational resources on FSA eligible services and products."

- Tyler McIntosh, VP Sales, OutsourceOne.