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Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer


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About this product


Withings Thermo greatly advances the usefulness of thermometers by letting you measure temperature in two seconds and monitor your family’s health directly from your iPhone. This easy-to-use temporal thermometer employs 16 infrared sensors that take over 4,000 measurements to deliver the most accurate result. It synchronizes with your iPhone to give you advanced health advice and help you better manage fever episodes.

High precision

The HotSpot Sensor Technology allows Thermo to deliver high-precision readings while keeping the measurement gesture accessible to everyone. 16 infrared sensors take more than 4,000 measurements to find the hottest point and deliver the most accurate result.

Quick and easy

A simple gesture takes the body’s temperature in just two seconds. The touchscreen lets you assign readings to up to eight users. And since normal body temperature can vary by age, once assigned, Thermo’s LED indicator tells you if a reading is normal, elevated, or high.


There’s no need to touch the skin. Thermo avoids any contact with saliva, earwax, or other body fluids—making it the most sanitary way to take body temperature.

Smart fever management

Measurements sync automatically with your iPhone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Thermo app gives an advanced interpretation based on age, fever history, and symptoms. Plus, you have the ability to take notes, add photos, and set reminders.

Medically approved

Thermo is FDA-cleared. The app includes Thermia, educational health information provided by Boston Children’s Hospital.

Apple compatible

The Thermo app is compatible with iOS 8 or later and syncs with Apple Health.


Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.

Published 11 months ago

Pretty rad. Takes your temperature super quick! Also links up to your smartphone and you can keep track of multiple people in your household. Ditch the old mercury thermometer, and all the other fancy thermometers as well. This is well worth the price!

Published 1 year ago

This is an outstanding product. It allows you to save separate records for different members of the family and the app is extremely easy to use. I was even able to change a record from one member to another.

Published 1 year ago

Fast, easy, and accurate... love it!

Published 1 year ago

Awesome!!! Love how it can spend it to my phone.

Published 1 year ago

This is so easy to use and having the link to my phone is so convenient!

Published 1 year ago

I bought this for my grandchildren. My main reason for getting this is the convenience on getting their temperature when they’re sick.

Published 1 year ago

Great product. Perfect for my toddler!

Published 1 year ago

This is perfect for my husband who loves technology

Published 1 year ago

The thermometer itself is fantastic. The app has some buggy issues, which hopefully from their reviews in the AppStore will be fixed in a future release.

Published 1 year ago

This thermometer is so handy and super easy to use. Gone are the days of holding a stick under your tongue.

Published 1 year ago

Simple to setup and easy to use. Accurate compared to all temporal thermometers I have used (about 5)

Published 1 year ago

I wish you didn't need the app. No big deal just be aware.

Published 1 year ago

It was confusing at start especially when initiating the settings. Unsure how accurate the readings/results

Published 1 year ago

works quickly, but takes some getting used to

Published 1 year ago

It works well! Tracks temps for comparison.

Published 2 years ago

Easy to use, the app is fantastic!

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