3 eco-friendly, FSA-eligible products

Earth Day is here... and you may be wondering how that relates to shopping for FSA-eligible items?

You can shop for eco-friendly products at FSAstore.com, and save up to 40% with your Flexible Spending Account!

3 FSA Eligible Products That Are Eco-Friendly

Corn-based Hot/Cold Packs

Got back pain? Strain a muscle? Dealing with a headache? Thermal-Aid for hot and cold therapy offer an eco-friendly way to get pain relief. These hot/cold therapy pads can quickly be heated in the microwave, or cooled in the freezer. They're from 100% natural cotton and a specially-engineered type of corn. You can easily reuse them and wash them to keep them clean.

Have kids? The Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals provide cuddly and soothing relief.

Natural Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are typically not covered by your Flexible Spending Account (FSA), with limited exceptions. Use your pre-tax FSA for glucosamine and chondroitin (to mitigate arthritis and promote joint health) and prenatal vitamins (to prevent birth defects and for baby health).

Shop Mason Vitamins with your FSA.

Mineral Sunscreen

When you're getting ready for sunny weather or your next vacation, don't forget the sunscreen! Did you know that you can also buy mineral sunscreen with your Flexible Spending Account?

Don't forget to pack this for your upcoming trip, for going to the beach, and even for everyday sun protection!

Shop for Mineral Sunscreen

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