5 Reasons to Join the FSAstore.com HR Outreach Program

FSAstore.com recently announced a new outreach program for HR representatives.

Human resources departments are the first stop for employees with questions about health benefits. Tax-advantaged health plans including health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts are gaining popularity, but confusion surrounding these plans remains.

FSAstore.com simplifies Flexible Spending Account use for consumers with a site that is exclusively stocked with thousands of eligible products as well as a variety of resources and tools designed to help consumers to better understand and use their FSA. Through partnerships with more than 100 third party administrators, FSAstore.com has increased FSA understanding and participation among participants.

Responding to a growing demand for answers about FSAs from HR professionals, FSAstore.com created its HR outreach program as a source for HR professionals to help participants navigate Flexible Spending Account information. To register for the next free informational webinar please go to FSAstore.com/HRwebinar. If your TPA is already partners with us, please contact them for more information on FSAstore.com for your employees.

Below are the top 5 reasons why your department should join:

1. Discounts for your employees

When you participate in the program, your employees will have access to exclusive discounts on FSA eligible products.

2. Information and resources for your employees

In addition to more than 2,500 FSA-eligible products, FSAstore.com offers a variety of tools and services to help your employees to better understand and use their FSA including an FSA eligible provider database to find local eligible services, an FSA Learning Center with hundreds of answers to commonly asked questions, and a prescription service for those products that require one in order to be reimbursed by their FSA.

3. Increasing Awareness about FSA Benefits

Nearly 35 million Americans are covered by an FSA. Flexible spending accounts cover many different qualified expenses ranging from medical products to health care services, and coverage for dependents. However, participants may not know how they can maximize their FSA. By joining the HR program, you’ll be able to point them to FSA-eligible products and FSA-eligible services.

4. Convenient FSA Budgeting Tools

Open enrollment is often a confusing and frustrating time for employees. FSAstore.com’s FSA Calculator can help ease the confusion by helping employees to determine how much they should allocate to their FSA.

Each year, consumers forfeit millions of dollars when they don’t use their FSA accounts by plan deadlines. This can easily be avoided when they carefully budget their FSA year-round. FSAstore.com offers convenient budgeting tools to help participants better manage their FSA. Through the Learning Center, consumers stay updated on coverage information, types of FSAs, and health care reform. The FSA Eligibility List distinguishes between products requiring a prescription and which do not - strictly complying with Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards eligibility. FSAstore.com additionally offers a hassle-free Prescription Process to simplify prescription processing for FSA participants.

5. Creating Added Value for Participants

FSAstore.com partners with more than 100 third party benefit administrators. Chances are we might already be partnered with your TPA. These partnerships have increased the usage of FSAs among participants. If you believe we are partnered with your TPA, please contact them for more information about FSAstore.com.

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