FSA Friday with Sean - 1/19/18 - Early FSA developments for 2018

If you're like me, you haven't stopped putting "2017" in every date you write. But we're more than halfway through the first month of 2018, and hurtling toward the March 15 FSA grace period deadline!

So, while 2018 still feels fresh, there are already health and e-commerce trends that could inform consumer spending in the coming year. Let's run through some developments that could affect how you interact with your benefits, and the products you need to stay healthy year-round.

Consumers upbeat for 2018 - Michael Johnsen, Drug Store News

According to a recent consumer confidence survey from IRI, a leading provider of consumer-focused data, Americans have a positive outlook about their yearly spending, and are turning to the Internet for everything from groceries to health items. Some interesting takeaways: 28% of consumers say they buy these items online compared with 23% in Q1 2016. Additionally, 76% of all shopping trips begin online, and this number is trending upward.

[ED NOTE: Our CEO and Founder, Jeremy Miller, did an interview in late November with the author of this Drug Store News article, Michael Johnsen, so be sure to check that out as well!]

5 financial benefit trends to watch in 2018 - Elizabeth Halkos, Employee Benefit News

While FSAs and HSAs may see their own changes in Congress thanks to continual reform efforts, other employer-sponsored benefits could affect your bottom line as well. This article outlines a few trends expected to grow in 2018, including how voluntary benefits for physical and mental well-being are becoming a common trend in benefits packages.

Analyst: Above average retail growth during 2018 predicted - Neil Saunders, Drug Store News

Consumer spending saw a slight uptick in December 2017, as shoppers contributed to an 4% increase over 2016. While these numbers may dip as we move away from the holiday season, tax refund season is just around the corner and could give the retail economy a further boost.

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