FSA Friday with Sean - 2/2/18 - FDA-approved, at-home hearing tests are here!

While we're already into the second month of 2018, it's still 2017 for FSA users who have grace period extensions. And those who have until March 15 to use their remaining funds might be glad they waited, because we're growing our inventory and adding new hi-tech healthcare products along the way.

One of our newest additions is getting some serious attention from industry media -- the iHear Home Hearing Test Kit. This is the first at-home hearing test kit to be approved by the FDA. And yes, it's FSA-eligible!

iHear pairs with on FDA-cleared home hearing screener - Michael Johnsen, Drug Store News

Let's start with a little background. In 2017, new legislation introduced by Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, called for the creation of a new category of hearing aid devices that could be sold over-the-counter, according to Consumer Reports.

Before this legislation, hearing aids were only available for purchase with a prescription. Now, those who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss have easily accessible options for hearing devices.

iHear was an early pioneer in this space; it developed an over-the-counter hearing aid option the instant that legislation was signed into law, reports reports Drug Store News. The introduction of the iHear Home represents the company's next step in providing affordable hearing solutions for consumers.

Bringing aboard a new, hi-tech health device is always exciting for our customers, so be sure to check back often to see what other great new products you might want as we approach the grace period deadline.

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FSA Friday with Sean - 12/22/17 - Holiday gifts for your health, and the FSA deadline

It's the holiday edition of FSA Friday, and we hope you're reading this while preparing for a wonderful, safe, healthy weekend with friends and family!

With the excitement of the holiday season in full swing, it's important to remember there is another big shopping rush coming, as FSA users spend down their remaining funds before the end of the year.

Instead of a news roundup this week, we're putting the spotlight on a few FSA-eligible products we've fallen in love with in 2017, in case you want some buying inspiration before for the 12/31 deadline!

Eustachi Ear Unclogger

You know how you're really not supposed to use cotton swabs to clean your ears? Here's the perfect alternative. The Eustachi Ear Unclogger is an amazing device that uses the body's natural movements to clear your ears of wax. You simply place the device under a nostril and it will lightly blow air through your nasal passages, and while swallowing and yawning normally, this will expel wax from your ears. It sounds like magic, but it works!

Caring Mill™ Icy Gel Cold Pack

Every home should have an ice pack at the ready for joint sprains, bruises and pulled muscles, so if you're looking for a new one this year, go with our favorite option, Caring Mill! This ice pack comes with straps and Velcro closures, so it can be applied long-term to sensitive areas. Plus, each purchase of Caring Mill products will result in a donation to Save the Children. Talk about win-win!

Adventure Medical Kits

Have you ever wanted a first aid kit that could do more than just sit on the shelf and collect dust? One of our favorite vendors is Adventure Medical Kits. Whether you need something for world travel, something waterproof for camping or boating, or something small to put in your hiking pack, these kits are the perfect choice.

MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler

This was a lifesaver during the early fall when our whole office came down with colds, and it has become one of our most popular drug-free nasal relief devices. Like breathing easy after a hot shower, steam inhalers deliver humidity to dry, inflamed nasal passages to reduce pain, clear mucus, and help you breathe easier during the worst days of cold and flu season.

But, let's not end this post talking about mucus. From all of us at, thank you for a fantastic year, and best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday!

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