Kids Training Pants: FSA Eligibility

Kids Training Pants: requires a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) to be eligible with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
Kids training pants require a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) for reimbursement with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA). Kids training pants are not eligible with a limited-purpose flexible spending account (LPFSA) or a dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA). However, overnight training pants for juvenile incontinence would be considered eligible.

What are kids training pants?

Potty training is a major milestone in any child's life, which most children will be ready for by age 2, but others may begin later at age 2 1/2 or even older in some cases. However, most child development experts believe that parents should only begin potty training when a child shows direct interest in using a potty chair or toilet, can follow and understand basic directions and can handle the toilet regimen. If most of these factors are true, then a child should be ready to begin potty training.

Parents who begin the potty training process with their children can make great use of kids training pants, which are different from diapers and pull-ups in that they are similar to normal kids' underwear. However, kids training pants are ideal for the potty training process as they can get kids used to the bathroom regimen and the sensation of wearing underwear, but if they happen to experience an accident or even soil themselves, kids training pants are made with absorbent materials to keep them dry and comfortable (

In addition to the potty training process, kids training pants are especially helpful during sleep to prevent bed-wetting. The ultra-absorbent materials will take care of any accidents that occur during the night to keep the child dry and comfortable, as well as sparing blankets and sheets from being soiled as well. Ultimately, kids training pants act as a safeguard for the mishaps that can occur as a child makes the transition from a toddler to a preschooler, whether this is using the potty or controlling a bed-wetting issue. They are an extremely helpful training tool that will spare parents from some of the major difficulties of this transition and provide a confidence boost for toddlers to complete the training process.

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