10 tips to plan for Earth Day

At FSAstore.com, we're committed to helping our customers stay healthy year-round, but supporting the health of our environment is just as vital. Earth Day arrives on Friday, April 22, and we think this is the perfect time to make everyday sustainable changes that will help Mother Earth - and may even save you money in the long run!

1) Make your coffee each morning

Not only is this an easy way to save money, but re-using a coffee cup each day will reduce the amount of plastic and paper waste you produce on your own. And hey, no more waiting in early morning coffee lines!

2) Filter your own water

Each year in the U.S. alone, Americans throw out approximately 38 billion water bottles, which end up in landfills, rivers and other parts of the environment. Tap water or filtered water placed into re-usable containers can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce each year.

3) Pursue driving alternatives

If you can go without driving during your commute each morning, that's a lot less carbon that will be pumped into the atmosphere! Look into your public transportation options, carpooling or ride a bike to work each day to limit your environmental impact.

4) Adjust your thermostat

Before leaving your home each day, make an effort to draw the curtains and turn off the home air conditioning/heating while you'll be out of the house. This will prevent your system from regulating the indoor temperature throughout the day (which uses more energy) and keep it stable until you return.

5) Load up your washing machine

When you have to tackle a pile of laundry, be sure to use as much of the space in your washer as possible and opt for cold water loads. This will lessen the amount of loads you need to do, and you'll save energy by forgoing heating the water.

6) Become a locavore

Cooking with seasonal ingredients is a great way to stay healthy and enjoy the freshest possible produce, but you can go one step further by buying products from your local community. It has been estimated that 13 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from the production and transport of food, so buying locally is an easy way to support local farmers and reduce your environmental impact.

7) Cut your shower time

It's pretty simple - the less hot water you use, the less water will need to be heated for your shower, therefore reducing the energy you use each morning! Aim to keep it under 5 minutes to save water.

8) Take the stairs

Not only is this an easy way to burn extra calories, but taking the stairs allows you to skip the elevator, which requires electricity to operate. It may not seem like much, but it will add up over time!

9) Make a commitment to recycling

How thorough is your recycling regimen? Today, the U.S. population recycles about 32 percent of its total waste, and that number has plenty of room for improvement! Try to set a goal of reducing your household waste by one half through the use of composting, repurposing materials and other strategies

to dramatically curb your home's carbon footprint.

10. Plant a tree!

Did you know that one tree can absorb one ton of carbon monoxide over the course of its life? There's no better way to put the message of Earth Day into action to make an impact that future generations will benefit from.

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