10 ways to shape up during Men's Health Month

What today we know as National Men's Health Month began as National Men's Health Week.This was a public advocacy week preceding and including Father's Day to highlight the importance of men's health issues and overall wellness. Today, this event encompasses the entire month of June and is now celebrated in dozens of countries internationally.

Whether you're a guy who wants to shape up or there's a special man in your life who needs to get more active, National Men's Health Month is the perfect time to get moving.

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Even a few small lifestyle changes can make a massive difference in how you feel, so use this June as the catalyst to make healthful choices for the future.

Here are a few ways to shape up during Men's Health Month:

Hold a meatless meal day

One day per week, make an effort to leave meat out of your diet completely. This is not only good for you, but is good for the planet as well! This is a great way to expand your palette for vegetables to incorporate them into meals during the rest of the week.

Drink more water

Without healthy levels of water (8 glasses per day!) intake, the human body simply doesn't work at an optimal level. Instead of taking on excess calories through sodas and juices, try infusing water with herbs, lemon/limes, berries and more to make it more appealing and meet your daily requirements.

Rent a gym locker

Even if you have a gym membership, you may need a little extra incentive to stick to your fitness routine. We've all gone to the gym, forgotten our shoes, and then haven't gone back to the gym for a month afterward. Rent a locker to ensure that you are always ready for your workout.

Plan out your meals

One of the easiest ways to practice portion control and stick to a healthy eating regimen is to plan out your meals for the week. This is a great way to avoid breaking down and eating unhealthy on a whim, and it can help you stick to a diverse schedule of meals to satiate optimal nutritional requirements.

Desk Exercise

Are you behind a desk for the daily 9-5 grind each day? Make sure you get up and get moving! Whether it's a walk around the block, utilizing a standing desk or doing a few exercises from your office chair, those brief spurts of activity will raise your energy level and sneak fitness into your routine.

TV time as fitness time

In the same way that you can incorporate fitness into your office routine, you can do the same when binge-watching your favorite shows! Do some stretching and weight exercises while you watch your shows to turn a normal moment of inactivity into an opportunity for fitness.

Make a commitment to better sleep

Maintaining a proper sleep schedule affects nearly all aspects of your overall health, and if you're not getting enough each night, it can contribute to a wide range of potential health issues, not to mention your mood! The National Sleep Foundation suggests that adults receive between 7.5 and 8 hours of sleep each night, so adjust your schedule to get as much shuteye as possible this June for the betterment of your long-term health.

Soak up the sun

One of the easiest ways to feel healthier is to get outside and take a walk, go for a hike or just soak up the sunshine. Vitamin D from the sun is an easy way to boost your energy levels and strengthen your overall immune system. Stay sun safe with your FSA (broad spectrum, SPF15+ is covered).

Create a secret healthy snack stash

During those moments in between meals is when most people will make poor eating choices, but this can be easily avoided with some advanced preparation. Some great options include homemade trail mix, unsweetened dried fruit and nuts to stave off major food cravings before meals.

Set realistic goals

As you make a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, it's important to set attainable goals that can help you feel a sense of progress. Aim to lose that stubborn 5 pounds you've been trying to get rid of or make your dinners at home for a week. These small victories can add up to huge results over time, so take the process incrementally to boost your chances of success.

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