3 must-have FSA eligible orthodontic products

Whether you are getting braces to fix your smile in your adult years or helping your child get a perfect smile, your flexible spending account (FSA) covers orthodontia expenses. Costs can vary from the first consultation to the day they are removed. Wearing braces is a long-term commitment that will require additional care and consideration on your part to ensure that they achieve their desired results. You may make a few extra expenditures to improve your overall comfort level and hygiene while wearing them. But before you do, do it with your FSA!

Here are a few smart FSA eligible orthodontic products to think about:

Orthodontia Wax

Shortly after braces are put on, the wires, brackets and the braces themselves can cause irritation on lips. This can be painful and could worsen. Orthodontia wax is the best option to prevent irritation. Orthodontia wax consists of long bands of wax that can be placed over protruding brackets. Additionally, our recommended product contains vitamin E and aloe vera to soothe the affected area. Over time, the tissue in the mouth will become more resilient until the wax is no longer needed.

Oral Remedies

Oral remedies could be a great solution, especially if you suffer from cold or canker sores, fever blisters or persistent irritations. These medicated gels are specifically designed to treat maladies affecting your mouth. They can quickly heal sores and irritation. Oral remedies require a prescription for FSA reimbursement, because they contain medicated ingredients.

Denture Cleaner

Many orthodontists recommend a retainer for after braces are taken off. The retainer can go along the upper or lower jaw line to prevent the teeth from shifting. The orthodontist will decide how long a retainer needs to be worn - 24 hours a day or just in the evenings. But, retainers can become breeding grounds for bacteria and need to be cleaned regularly. Denture cleaner is one of the most effective products to clean retainers. It consists of tablets that are placed in water that can dissolve bacteria and other deposits.

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