3 tips for your FSA for Men's Health Week

fsa and men's health week

It's Men's Health Week, which is celebrated every June and part of thebigger Men's Health month - and a Flexible Spending Account or FSA can definitely help you stay on track for this important day! This week started on June 15 and will end on Father's Day.

This important health initiative focuses on men and how they can optimize their health through exercise, healthy diet, medical services and yearly checkups and even through products!

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Flexible Spending Account, or FSA, and it's role in health

As Father’s Day approachesonJune21, 2015,did you know aFlexible Spending Account can actually help in fivehealthy ways?

Are you a dad? Want share a post with dad? Learn more in our post about fiveways to celebrate your health (or share it with dad)with aFlexible Spending Account (FSA):


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