3 ways to keep baby cool during summer

Even though the end of summer will be here before you know it, warm weather will be around a bit longer. And, you might be curious about ways to stay cool, or ways to make sure your baby stays cool, as well.

BabyCenter recently shared some great tips on how to keep your baby cool and comfy during summer, and here's how your FSA can help!

1. Keep your baby protected from the sun. Baby skin is very sensitive, and requires extra protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Be sure to bring baby sunscreen for any outdoor outing, and to dress your baby in easy-breathing, cotton clothes and proper sun protection (wide-brimmed hats). Avoid the hottest moments of the day and go outside during off-peak hours (avoiding going out between 10am and 5 pm).

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2. Ensure that your baby stays properly hydrated. According to BabyCenter's experts, "If your baby is younger than six months, and if you are exclusively breastfeeding, you do not need to give him water, even in hot weather. Babies who breastfeed whenever they wish do not get dehydrated." They added, "In hot weather, your baby may want to have more frequent, shorter feeds. He will get enough liquid from your breastmilk. These short feeds will give him more foremilk. This is thinner and more refreshing than the fat rich hindmilk. So let him have as many extra feeds as he wishes. If your baby is formula-fed, you could offer him some boiled, cooled water in hot weather.

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3. Create a little oasis to retreat from the heat. Why not give your baby some time in his/her bathtub, a splash in the pool, or an inflatable, specially-designed baby pool? This will be a great way to help your baby cool off.

A very important note from the BabyCenter experts, "Avoid taking your baby to an air conditioned room right after a bath

Switch on the air conditioner only after your baby is fully clothed and his hair is dry. Dress your baby in thicker cotton clothes and an inner vest if you plan to keep him in an air conditioned room all day. Babies can quickly catch a chill or cold if they are not well protected."

For more information and additional tips, turn to the extended article with great tips from BabyCenter

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