4 health specialists covered by your FSA

A Flexible Spending Account is versatile in that it covers visits to different medical providers depending on your needs. You can visit common specialists (general practitioners, dentists), but also more alternative providers (acupuncturists, natural healers, chiropractors, and Christian Science practitioners) that are often not covered by your regular insurance policy. Co-pays and deductibles towards these services count as qualified FSA eligible expenses

1. Dentist

Going to the dentist can be outright dreadful - especially if cavities are a recurring problem - but regular cleanings are good preventive measures for gum disease or other issues. Luckily, your FSA can cover those visits to the dentist - just remember that the procedure must be medically necessary! Cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, are not an FSA eligible expense.

- What's covered? Any type of preventive treatment (cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, filings, dental reconstruction, bridges, dentures, occlusal guards for teeth grinding prevention, and braces*).

*Some Flexible Spending Accounts do not reimburse you for the full payment of braces if some of the payments go to future services. Check in with your FSA provider about this coverage.

2. Family practice/General practice

If you prefer visiting a trusted family physician you've been seeing for years, then you're in luck. Medical services provided by a physician (family practice/general practice) are reimbursable under a FSA.

- What's covered? Co-pays/deductibles, physicals, exams/screenings, check-ups, and immunizations.

3. Vision Care

Vision care is an important part of general health and is covered under an FSA as well! Detecting vision problems at an early stage could help you take the appropriate corrective measures by getting glasses, contacts, or even scheduling laser eye surgery.

- What's covered? Eye exams, eye glasses, vision correction procedures such as Lasik eye surgery, eye medications (require a prescription) and over-the-counter eye products are FSA eligible.

4. Dermatologist

Good skin care is a must throughout the year. Your skin endures a lot during changing seasons. Dermatologists are FSA eligible service providers as long as the procedures you're having are medical.

- What's covered? Acid peels, facials, face lifts, and laser hair removal are not FSA eligible expenses. Acne treatments (ask your FSA benefits provider if this is covered for your specific plan) and acne medications are reimbursable. Acne medications do require a prescription for your FSA.

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