4 tools that make shopping at FSA Store easier

FSAstore.com has a mission to make using an FSA convenient and easy for the millions of Americans (including you) who have these accounts.

When browsing our site, you'll not only find thousands of products covered by a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA), but also discover resources that explain these plans in greater detail.

FSAstore.com Tools:

  • Wondering what's covered by a Flexible Spending Account? Easily search and browse our comprehensive Eligibility List to find FSA eligible products and medical services!
  • If you just signed up for an FSA and want to get more information about these plans, then it's worth it to check out ourFSA Learning Center!
  • If you're not sure about your FSA budget and would like to re-calculate expenses, try the FSA Calculator! It'll show how much you'll save by using an FSA on all types of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Other New Resources:

Shopping History!

  • Can't remember what products you recently viewed or purchased? By logging into the "Recently Viewed" tab, you can track your shopping history - it'll show you products you already bought, and lets you view the items you're most interested in!

Trending Now!

  • Curious about popular products at FSAstore.com? Find customer favorites by browsing our"Best Sellers"category! These items were the most shared by other customers on social media! And, don't forget to join our social media community on Facebook or Twitter!

FSA Tracker

  • Don't want to risk missing your FSA deadline? Simply log into our FSA Tracker and answer a few questions to help us keep track of your deadline!

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