4 videos that will teach you a lot about Flexible Spending Accounts

Learn about Flexible Spending Accounts

Do you have questions about your Flexible Spending Account? Did you recently sign up for one through open enrollment at work? Not sure how exactly you can use it?

Check out our videos that answer many popular questions subscribe to our FSA Store YouTube channel!

1. FSA Carryover vs. Grace Period

Flexible Spending Accounts have gone through a few changes since 2013. Last year, the IRS changed the "Use-it-or-Lose-it" deadline to let employers offer an FSA Carryover. The Carryover lets employees roll over up to $500 to the next plan year. Employees could also have a Grace Period. Employers can offer either option, but not both at the same time.

Learn in our FSA Carryover vs. Grace Period video to better understand your FSA plan and its possible deadline extension.

2. Product Eligibility

When you sign up for a Flexible Spending Account, you might be enticed by the fact that these plans are offered on a pre-tax basis and cover different healthcare expenses. But, it can be difficult to know which healthcare products are covered. At FSA Store, we only sell items that are eligible with a Flexible Spending Account.

Learn more in our FSA Eligible Products video about which products you can buy!

3. FSA Eligible Expenses

What out-of-pocket healthcare expenses are covered by a Flexible Spending Account? Can I use my FSA to visit different medical providers? Can I use it for products?

Watch our FSA Eligible Expenses video for more details on maximizing your healthcare dollars.

It can be tricky to know what healthcare expenses to expect for the year, but with a Flexible Spending Account you can save on out-of-pocket health care.

Get tips on Budgeting a Flexible Spending Account to stay on track with your healthcare spending.

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