5 FSA eligible items perfect for business travelers

As a business traveler, you know just how difficult it is to compartmentalize your entire life into a suitcase, travel long distances and still be the best representative possible for your company. After all, it's never easy to look and feel your best before an important meeting after being on the road, staying in hotels and adjusting to a new place.

If your job offers an FSA, your benefit covers a huge range of medical products and services, as well as a selection of dual-purpose items that can keep you healthy and fresh no matter where you're headed. Before your next business trip, make sure you pick up the following items at FSAstore.com.

Acupressure Wrist Bands

Are you prone to motion sickness, nausea and other discomfort when flying or traveling long distances by car? Instead of taking a medication to alleviate the issue, acupressure wrist bands could be the perfect alternative. These bands apply light pressure to vital pressure points to curb nausea and motion sickness, and they are adjustable for a personalized and comfortable fit.

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Orthopedic Neck Pillow

For some people, it can be next to impossible to fall asleep on a plane or in a car seat, but an orthopedic neck support could provide the stability necessary to get some necessary shuteye. These pillows are compact and gently contour to the neck and shoulders to provide optimal support. This is an easy way to wake up refreshed and ready for whatever is on your work schedule!

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Hot/Cold Therapy Eye Mask

There's nothing worse than waking up with dark circles and heading into a business meeting, but you can wake up feeling your best with a hot/cold therapy eye mask. These packs can reduce swelling around the eyes that result from fatigue, and they can be a great alternative to decongestants to relieve nasal congestion if those medications leave you feeling drowsy.

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Redness Relief Eye Drops

If you're weary from traveling and have to meet with a client/business partner right away, redness relief eye drops are the best option to shake off the rust from a long trip. These eye drops can quickly remove eye irritation, and if you wear contacts, they double as a lubricant to ensure the optimal comfort level for your lenses.

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OTC Pain Relievers

A sudden migraine, a bout of joint pain or an unexpected injury can throw a wrench into your business trip, but if you bring along an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever, you can get back in the game quickly. It's important to note that OTC medicines like aspirin or acetaminophen require a prescription from a doctor for FSA reimbursement!

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