5 FSA eligible products to cope with the common cold

While the holiday season may be over, winter will be here for a few more months and there's a good chance that you or a loved one will fall victim to the common cold this season. The common cold is a virus, and while there are a variety of cold and flu remedies that could make a tangible impact on your symptoms, in most cases, getting over a cold is a matter of riding it out!

Now that 2017 is here, it's time to update your common cold care regimen! Before you or a loved one becomes sick this winter, use your FSA card on these great products to help you weather the worst of your cold symptoms.

  1. Therapeutic Facemasks

Common colds often lead to sinus infections, which occurs when the nasal cavities become swollen and inflamed, and can persist long after other cold symptoms have come and gone. In addition to nasal congestion, sinus pain and inflammation is common, and it can make a big issue even worse. Therapeutic pain relief masks are great options to have on hand that can be heated to open up nasal passages, or cooled to reduce swelling and inflammation.

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  1. Vaporizer

Looking for a quick, medicine-free means of clearing out your nasal congestion without leaving yourself feeling groggy and sleepy from over-the-counter remedies, try a steam inhaler! These devices, also known as vaporizers, deliver target steam therapy deep into the sinuses, nose and throat that is extremely helpful in the event of a cold. Additionally, vaporizers are helpful to treat allergies, coughs, parched throats or sore throat discomfort.

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  1. Neti Pot

Nasal irrigation is one of the easiest ways to clear out congested nasal passages with a saline solution that is filtered through the nose. A Neti pot is the easiest means of delivering this solution, as it is shaped like a teapot and can deliver a warm water and saline solution that is poured into the nose and expelled through the mouth. This practice can remove excess mucous, allergens and environmental particles that could trigger respiratory discomfort.

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  1. Saline Spray

Contending with a cold isn't just reserved to staying at home, which is why saline spray is so useful during cold and flu season. This is an easy way to flush out nasal congestion from breathing passages on the go, as well as lubricating these areas in the event of extremely cold and dry winter weather conditions.

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  1. Throat Lozenges

Keeping your throat lubricated is a major consideration when contending with the common cold, and throat lozenges can serve two important purposes. First, they can treat sore throats by preventing the throat from drying up and thereby reducing pain, and those that are formulated with menthol can aid in thinning nasal congestion as well.

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