5 FSA-eligible products to keep your fitness up in 2015

It's a New Year! New Year's Resolutions are in full swing, and often that includes fitness and health. A lot of people vow to join a gym, or try to squeeze in some exercise as best they can in their daily lives.

What are your goals this year? No matter what, your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can actually help you stay moving and exercising, whatever your favorite indoor/outdoor activity may be.

Top 5 FSA eligible products to keep your fitness up:

1. Elastics/Athletic treatments. Items including KT Tape, knee supports, ankle braces, and elastic bandages will give you support and comfort you need to keep going.

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2. Hot/Cold therapy. When you're exercising, the last thing on your mind will be dealing with pain in the aftermath of fitness. But, luckily an FSA can cover hot/cold therapy packs to make sure you get pain relief for achey muscles.

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3. Foot care. You can use an FSA toward items like blister treatment cushions, and shoe insoles to ensure you get the proper support and cushioning while you're on the move.

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4. First aid. While you're exercising, it's possible (though probably doesn't come to mind immediately) that you might deal with a minor scrape or cut. Keep a first-aid kit handy in your car or a mini one for your sports bag to make sure you can keep exercising!

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5. Specialty vitamins. Vitamins such as Glucosamine Chondroitin, which are FSA eligible, can support joint flexibility and comfort.

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