5 healthy snack alternatives for gameday

No one wants to lose their summer beach body by their team's bye week, which is why FSAstore.com is here to help you make healthier food choices when you get the gang together to watch the game. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as the season kicks off.

Potato Chips

While baked and reduced-fat options do cut down on calories and sodium, potato chips carry little-to-no nutritional value other than being high in carbohydrates that can add to your waistline quickly if you ingest too many and don't exercise to burn them off. Some of the best healthy alternatives can be made at home with little effort, including chips made from kale, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash that are baked instead of fried to trap in the flavor.

Chicken Wings

While chicken wings on their own are a healthy snack, once you start adding on high-sodium sauces and frying them in oil, they can quickly turn into an unhealthy mess. Luckily, there are a number of chicken wing replacements and recipes out there you can try, including Buffalo Cauliflower, roasted chicken skewers, or spicy chicken meatballs.

Ranch/Queso/Veggie Dips

Even with a selection of healthy pita chips or veggies, dips can pack on the calories quickly, especially if they use heavy cream and other fat-laden additives. Make an effort to avoid dips like queso or ranch dips and instead opt for healthier alternatives like guacamole, hummus, avocado/white bean dips, lentil dips and more!

Mixed Nuts

Throwing together a bowl of mixed nuts is one of the easiest ways to snack during game day. Mixed nuts are notorious for being heavily salted and covered in artificial flavorings and seasonings, so it's healthier to make your own. Pick up some unsalted nuts, and cover them with some spices, olive oil and a pinch of salt. Roasting them will bring out their natural flavors, while you can control the strength of the flavoring.


Much like mixed nuts, popcorn is a product that is healthy on its own. Unfortunately, many store-bought popcorn versions are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Popcorn is a perfect blank canvas for spicy or sweet ingredients. Classic healthy popcorn options include apple cinnamon, rosemary and olive oil, cilantro lime and more.

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