5 steps to prep for Thanksgiving with an FSA

Get Ready for Holiday Travel

As Thanksgiving approaches, you're likely getting excited about seeing family or friends. Maybe you're still in planning mode. Are you visiting relatives? Are you traveling? Are you hosting Thanksgiving among friends? Who will prepare what dish?

While the holidays are fun, keep Thanksgiving stress-free with these 5 tips in mind:

1. Treat a cold as it starts.Dealing with a cold or sinus pain is never fun, but it's even worse when you have big plans for Thanksgiving. A warm steam vaporizer or personal handheld steam inhaler could offer just the right type of cold/sinus relief.

2. Pack a first aid kit. If you're traveling, it can't hurt to carry a mini first aid kit, in case of minor cuts or scrapes. You can always add in some your child's favorite Band-aids, as well.

3. Prevent motion sickness while traveling. If you and your family are planning to drive somewhere for Thanksgiving, you might be interested in an item that helps with motion sickness. The Sea-Band Wristband (for adults) and kids is an elastic, reusable, drug-free wristband that's been clinically tested for anything that induce nausea.

4. Say goodbye to headaches and muscles aches. The last thing you need during Thanksgiving is to be in pain. Luckily, a Flexible Spending Account can cover hot/cold therapy. Check out FSA Store's selection of hot/cold therapy products.

5. Take care of eyes. If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, you should know that your Flexible Spending Account can cover a variety of eye care expenses ranging from annual eye exams to eye care products.

Check out other Travel Essentials at FSAstore.com for Thanksgiving, and other upcoming travel!