5 tricks to stick to your fitness regimen this winter

At FSAstore.com, we sell a range of athletic treatments, kinesiology tape, cushioned insoles and other products to help you stick to your workout plans, but winter calls for some extra motivation. Here are a few ways that you can adhere to your fitness goals in the coming season.

Invest in proper workout wear

If you're going to try and brave the cold this winter, you need to have the right attire to stand up to the rigors of the season. Sporting some new workout attire is a great source of motivation, and investing in a hat, hoodie and gloves can help keep you warm when running outdoors or on your way to the gym. After spending the money on some new threads, make your investment worthwhile by keeping your fitness regimen up!

Enlist a personal trainer

Try as you might to get to the gym on a regular basis, you may be tempted by the allure of the couch and a Netflix marathon. Of course, if someone is waiting on you at the fitness center, you'll be less likely to take the lazy route, so hiring a personal trainer is a great idea. This professional will design a workout plan that is tailored exclusively to you, and can provide the structure necessary to help you reach your workout goals.

Set an exercise goal

Another way to stay active in the winter is to set a goal for yourself for the spring and summer months and use this time of year as a training period for the big event ahead. Whether it's a Tough Mudder, a half-marathon, or getting in better shape for a spring sports league, set yourself up for success by putting an attainable goal in sight you can work toward realizing.

Begin an indoor fitness activity

Of course, there are those winter days where it's simply too cold or snowy to head to the gym, but you can still get in a good workout at home. As winter gets underway, try a new type of exercise at home you haven't already done. Yoga, pilates, kettle bell training and other indoor exercises will provide an alternative during adverse weather, as well as giving you a new interest to dive into that can help you avoid boredom and stagnation in your workout plans.

Bring a friend

Meeting your workout goals comes down to your own personal motivation, and this is made all the more easier when you have a workout buddy to push you. Most importantly, a workout partner is the easiest way to increase your personal accountability to adhere to a set schedule and working out with another person adds a social element to your fitness regimen that makes it more fun and could push you to achieve more.

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