5 Ways FSAstore.com makes it easy to use your FSA

Shopping Online with Your Flexible Spending Account

  1. Exclusively FSA eligible products. FSAstore.com is solely stocked with FSA eligible products ranging from band-aids to first aid kits to blood pressure monitors to contact lens care. We follow strict eligibility guidelines set forth by the IRS, so our products are guaranteed to be eligible. If you encounter any problems with claims validation, please let us know and we will gladly talk to your FSA administrator to resolve any issues.
  2. Accepting all FSA cards & major credit cards. If your FSA administrator gives you an FSA card, your FSA funds are automatically deducted from your card. That means when you shop at FSAstore.com or visit a medical provider, you won't have paperwork to submit to your provider. If you do not have an FSA card, you can still shop with us and print out an itemized receipt for FSA reimbursement.
  3. Extra savings with your FSA. Your FSA already saves you on taxes (up to 40% savings), and by shopping at FSAstore.com, you could save even more with our year-round special offers. Shipping is free on all orders over $50!
  4. Tools to help you track your FSA. Our site has an FSA Calculator to help you calculate yearly FSA spending and an FSA Deadline Tracker to never miss important plan-year deadlines again!
  5. Tools to help you learn about your FSA. Our FSA Learning Center and our blog keep you informed on any changes in the FSA world and provide answers to common questions.

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