5 Ways to Stay in Shape in September

Just because it'll soon be time for many people across the country to put away the bathing suits (maybe not quite yet, as Labor Day weekend approaches!) and layer up more, doesn't mean that exercise routines should stall as the colder seasons approach. Fall is the perfect time to get more active, especially as the weather takes a turn for cooler temperatures.

Here are 5ways to stay in shape this September:

1. Sign up for a Run. By registering for an upcoming race, you'll have some new motivation to keep up your running and exercises. Not much of a runner? Set a goal for yourself to discover a new fitness activity, instead.

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2. Train with your kids. Are your kids heading back to school soon? Or, maybe they'll be starting their after-school sports and activities? A fun way to motivate the entire family could be to set up a fun fitness routine you can all do together in the off-time. Need some inspiration? Check out our post with inspirations for kids sports and activities.

3. Monitor your vitals. Heart health is something we should take into account at any age, and keep tabs on your vitals can keep you healthy. Read this post with further details on how to maximize your FSA budget for heart health.

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4. Download a workout app, or tell your family and friends your exercise goals. An app or support from your family and friends can go a long way in encouraging you to keep going with your exercise routines, and to stay accountable. The app will serve as a reminder of your progress to date, and will help you reach new goals you set for yourself. Friends and family can cheer you on, and even offer their own advice for fitness and diet.

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5. Create autumn-appropriate outdoor fun. Autumn is the time to enjoy pumpkin patches, hayrides and more! It's the season to explore the great outdoors with your family, or join friends for apple picking or other autumn activity. Why not schedule in some fun for all this autumn and get outside?

These are just a few suggestions in which you can keep up your exercise and outdoor fun this September. Be sure to read more on the FSA Store blog and follow us on social media for other updates about FSAs, and activities this September.

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