Celebrating 6 Years of FSAstore.com

We're celebrating our6-year anniversary this month! It's been six years since our founder launched FSAstore.com, as a way to help anyone with a Flexible Spending Account easily shop for products, and also learn more about these accounts.

To help you celebrate with us, you’ll be able to enjoy discounts sales during June! Be sure to check our email throughout the month or easily sign up for emails via our homepage sign-up.

6 Things You Didn't Know About FSAs and how FSAstore.com simplifies them:

  1. Millions of Americans use FSAs! Did you know some 35 million Americans have Flexible Spending Accounts? Using an FSA is not only convenient for medical services, including dental cleanings, eye exams and regular check-ins with your doctor, but also for thousands of everyday products.
  2. Buy everyday healthcare items and save with an FSA. Wear contact lenses? Wear prescription eyeglasses? These are both covered by an FSA. But, so are other products including breast pumps, hot or cold packs, sunscreen for face and body, thermometers, band-aids and more.
  3. Got questions? We have answers. When you sign up for an FSA, you undoubtedly have lots of questions about coverage, claims, and more. To make things a little easier, we've developed a few free tools to answer these questions. Our comprehensive Eligibility List allows you to search for eligible expenses - both products and services - covered by an FSA. You can browse from different types of FSAs, HSAs, and more to learn about eligibility. Our other tool is a Learning Center which answers questions about FSAs as related to enrollment, who's covered, what's covered and much more. And, finally, you can use our FSA Calculator to estimate yearly savings from using an FSA. We're also working on creating new ways to help you better understand and use your FSA.
  4. Conveniently shop with an FSA debit card. Hate dealing with paperwork for reimbursement? You can shop and use your FSA debit card with us! Don't have an FSA debit card? No problem! You can still shop with us and submit for reimbursement to your FSA administrator.
  5. We can help you shop for FSA Rx products. Though the regulations came out in 2011, there's still some confusion as to what's covered with an FSA. In order to buy over-the-counter products containing a medicine (including Advil, Tylenol and Zyrtec, for example), you'll need to provide a prescription for FSA reimbursement. Through our Rx Process, you can easily submit prescriptions to us in a few easy ways and use your FSA to save on these products.
  6. Your FSA may have a deadline extension. The dreaded "Use it or Lose it" rule got a little more flexible, as FSA plans now have several options for deadline extensions. Deadline extensions vary by employer, so it's best to ask your HR department or your FSA administrator directly about the extensions that apply to your FSA account. You could either have a Grace Period (a two-and-a-half month extension to spend remaining FSA dollars and incur new expenses) or the FSA Carryover, which lets you roll over up to $500 to the next plan year. Not all FSA plans have either of these options (and an FSA can't have a Grace Period AND a Carryover), so consult your administrator to find out which one applies to you.

Have more questions about FSAs or our site? Our 24/7 customer service is happy to help! If you have specific questions about your FSA account including balance information, claims submitted or anything else, please reach out to your FSA administrator. We are FSAstore.com can not access your FSA account nor will we know what’s specifically covered under your plan. Your plan guidelines will tell you what's covered.

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