A Flexible Spending Account travel checklist

Preparing for holiday travel with a Flexible Spending Account

As the 4th of July approaches, you might be getting excited for BBQs, family time, a break from work, endless beach days, fireworks, and whatever the holiday has in store for you. And, who can blame you? Summer is the time to say goodbye to work for a while, and enjoy the vacation you deserve!

Before you head out, make a travel check list of items to bring with you. In addition to the basics, don't forget to bring healthy essentials as well. Your Flexible Spending Account has you covered for FSA eligible items including first aid kits, sunscreen, heat wraps, and shoe inserts.

Your vacation check list will vary depending on where you're going, but many of the items you can buy with an FSA will come in handy no matter where you are.

FSA-eligible items to bring

Sunscreen and sunblock are musts whether you're planning on attending a BBQ, going to the beach, hiking, or even relaxing in your own backyard. Mini first aid kits are especially helpful when you've got kids on the playground, or when you're planning on camping or hiking. If you plan to take a road trip, there are even special wristbands that can help adults and kids alike fight car sickness. The last thing you want to think about is pain wherever you are, so cold compresses and heat wraps are easy to carry along, and will save you the hassle of any pain.

But, there are actually thousands of items available with a Flexible Spending Account. If you browse FSA Store, you'll get an even better understanding of exactly what you can purchase with your FSA account.

If you have a baby, be sure to read these tips on how to protect your baby from the summer sun with a Flexible Spending Account.

Still a bit confused about what's covered by a Flexible Spending Account? Read our post on FSA eligible expenses that are often overlooked.

Your take (let us know in the comments):

  • Where are you headed for the 4th of July?
  • Have any favorite beaches?
  • What will you take with you (any FSA eligible items)?

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