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Highlighting Psi Bands for Women in Small Business Month

Women in Small Business Month is coming up in October! And female entrepreneurs are on a roll lately, particularly when it comes to creating products for health and wellness. This month we wanted to highlight the CEO of Psi Bands, who is making a difference in health care with her product. She saw a need, acted on it, and FSAstore.com has Psi Bands products available for your FSA reimbursement.

Romy Taormina, Pacific Grove, CA:

Like many women, Romy’s pregnancy often involved the unpleasantness of hugging a toilet bowl due to extreme morning sickness, which did not limit its symptoms to the morning hours. Searching for relief from her nausea, Taormina discovered the benefits of acupressure wristbands. Finding extreme limitations on the market, she decided to give birth to another baby…a new product called Psi Bands.

FDA-cleared and patented Psi Bands are a medical device for the relief of nausea due to morning sicknessas well asmotion sickness, chemotherapy, and anesthesia.Double blind, randomized clinical studies support the use of wrist acupressure for the relief of nausea.

Romy, with a marketing background, never expected to launch a product-based company, but her passion for creating wellness for others after experiencing such relief herself gave way to the fashionable and functional Psi Bands, which are now sold atFSAstore.com.

She pitched her first account using a prototype. Psi Bands have appeared on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, are an Oprah Magazine “O Pick," Entrepreneur Magazine calls them a “strokes of genius," in Women’s Health magazine, in virtually every major pregnancy magazine, and the Travel Goods Association awarded Psi Bands it’s Most Buzzworthy Award as determined by retailers and the press.

Knowing she has learned from others on her entrepreneurial journey, Romy's desire to share knowledge is done so through her blog,Both Sides of the Retail Table,where she provides advice to other product-based entrepreneurs on how to get, and keep, their product on the shelves. It’s a steep learning curve managing the entire supply chain, marketing, sales, finances, and HR, and Romy wishes to level the playing field for small businesses who are up against huge odds. As a Huggies Mom-Inspired Grant recipient, a Wells Fargo and National Association of Women’s business Owners (NAWBO) Trailblazer Awardee, and a Count Me In and American Express OPEN Make Mine a Million $ Business Owner Awardee, Taormina feels it is her responsibility, and a gift, to pay it forward.

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