Learn about FSA Perks at FSAstore.com

Introducing a new Loyalty Program at FSAstore.com!

This exciting new program for our customers called "FSA Perks". This is our new Loyalty program that makes it easy for our customers to earn rewards and discounts just for using their FSAs.

So, how does it work? The "FSA Perks" program gives our customers the chance to earn points just by interacting with our website, which can then be redeemed for unique discounts. We're encouraging our customers to engage with their FSA all year long and get rewarded for it.

Learn more in our video.

First, for every $1 youspend, you'll earn 10 points. So, a routine purchase of $100 will net you 1000 points that you canredeem toward additional discounts in the future.Buying FSA eligible products at FSAstore.com isn't the only way to earn points.

You can easily get more FSA Perks points by:

Referring friends and family members to our site. You can also refer coworkers or anyone else you know witha Flexible Spending Account.

Submitting a review. Do you like shopping on our site? Share about your experience.

Sharing content on social media networks. You can tell friends or family about us on Facebook and Twitter!

Submitting your FSA deadline. Share your FSA deadlineinformationwith usvia the FSA Deadline Tracker to help avoid missing aplan-year deadline.

How to Claim your FSA Perks

To claim your points, sign up for an account on FSAstore.com, go to the "FSA Perks" section or the FSA Perks Dashboard under your account,and that's where you can see your overall points and what's been rewarded for every activity. You can gain more points depending on the activities.

"FSA Perks" is putting power in the hands of our customers to learn more about their FSAs, maximize their FSA dollarsthroughout the year and savemoney in the process. Get started today at FSAstore.com.

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