An FSA Grace Period Deadline Checklist

Do you have a Grace Period ending on March 15? Do you still have remaining funds?

We've included a short checklist to help you keep track of your FSA spending:

1. Check your FSA balance. Contact your FSA administrator today to find out what your remaining balance is.

2. Submit claims. Learn more about claims filing for your Flexible Spending Account.

3. Budgeting. Keep track of not only your own funds, but remind friends and family who have a Flexible Spending Account. It's easy to forget about FSA funds, but if you track them year-round then you will avoid the risk of losing your hard-earned money!

4. Shop for everyday health products. offers thousands of FSA eligible products. We also recently added New Bundles, which are a convenient way to use remaining FSA funds and save on healthcare expenses for you and your family. Our Bundles come are meant to fit any FSA budget.

5. Ask questions, Get Quick Answers. If you're ever unsure about your Flexible Spending Account coverage, eligibility of services or products, or just want to know more, feel free to contact us any time! Our dedicated customer support team is here to help you & can lend their expertise.

6. Follow us on Social Media. We're active on many different networks and ready to answer any questions. We'll also share special offers and fun tips on social media that you won't want to miss!

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