Are all of the products FSA-eligible?

Yes. Specific types of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) do not cover every product. This largely depends on the limits imposed on these accounts. For example, under a Limited FSA which is offered paired up with a Health Savings Account (link), only very specific items such as vision, dental and over-the-counter dental and vision items are FSA eligible. A Limited FSA may also refer to an FSA in which the employer has limited what is considered FSA eligible (for example, only certain medical expenses qualify).

FSA Eligible Expenses

Your FSA administrator or employer will advise you what type of FSA you have and what it covers. If you have questions whether something is covered by your FSA, please check with your FSA Administrator. is a member of the Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS). This special group was created to help form a standardized industry solution consistent with IRS requirements (eligibility requirements for an FSA) for those who use an Inventory Information Approval System (an "IIAS"). As a retailer, uses IIAS to help with benefit transaction processing. Essentially, any FSA debit card you use at will process and automatically approve any FSA purchases. If the card is rejected for any reason, it could mean that your FSA is limited in what it covers or that you do not have sufficient balance for the purchase.

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