Are contact lenses FSA eligible?

Yes! You can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to shop for contact lenses. Contact lenses are great alternatives to glasses for vision correction. There are a lot of differences to consider when choosing the right kind of contact lenses for you. One major distinction is that of duration. You can choose to wear dailies, which are disposable contacts you throw away at the end of each day and replace with a fresh one the next day.

You can also choose extended wear contact lenses that can be worn anywhere from up to 7 days to one month depending on what option you choose.

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These lenses are placed in the eyes in the morning and taken out before going to bed. They are not designed to be left in the eye overnight and are disposed of on a daily basis.

Some advantages this type of contact lens offers include reduced time caring for lenses and not having to buy contact lens solutions and storage for lenses. It takes a short period of time to get comfortable with dailies, and it's great for people with active lifestyles since it is more difficult to dislodge.

However, It can be dangerous to wear daily wear contact lenses for an extended time period. With daily wear contact lenses, the material is different and doesn't allow as much oxygen to reach the surface of the eye.


Extended contact lenses are commonly prescribed to be worn for two weeks at a time in the U.S, but time span varies depending on the brand. These are designed to allow more oxygen to reach the surface of your eye and have been approved by the FDA for overnight usage. While 7 days technically means 7 days and nights, it is recommended that you take your contacts out before sleeping to allow your eyes to breathe at night.

Extended wear contact lenses are ideal for people with healthy eyes, who are looking for convenience, and have strong prescriptions as it allows good vision round the clock. It is also ideal for those who have irregular work schedules with which maintenance of daily lenses would interfere.

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