Are you an FSA expert?

Are you a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) expert? Open enrollment periods are quickly approaching (depending on when your company has this specific period to select benefits), and now is the time to familiarize yourself a bit more with an FSA. Maybe you've been using FSAs for years, or maybe you're considering enrolling this year. Are you an FSA expert or just getting to know these accounts? Either way, you'll be happy to know that these pre-tax accounts can not only help you save money, but can be applied to lots of qualified healthcare expenses during the year. So, whether you want to use an FSA for medical services like dental cleanings, vision exams, visits to the doctor's office or more, your FSA can be a great help. Did you also know you can use an FSA for products like hot/cold therapy packs, first aid kits, breast pumps, smartphone-compatible blood pressure monitors, prescription eyeglasses and even contact lenses? is here to help you navigate FSAs. Our mission has always been to make it easy for anyone with an FSA to manage and use these accounts. In addition to selling thousands of exclusivelyFSA-eligible products, we also offer resources to make it simple to understand your FSA to maximize how you can use the plan throughout the year. Browse our comprehensive FSA Eligibility List for information about FSA eligible expenses ranging from products to medical services. Use our FSA Calculator to estimate your potential savings by having an FSA. Check out our Rx Process to learn about how we can help you process any prescriptions for those FSA eligible items that require an Rx. And, last but not least, we'll keep you updated on important changes or information regarding FSAs and the industry right here on the blog.

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