Earning Rewards with an FSA

Have you heard about earning rewards with an FSA? Did you know that using a Flexible Spending Account can help you get discounts? If the answer is no or you're not sure how you can get started, then read more to learn about the FSA Perks program!

Our Loyalty Program lets you earn points by simply interacting with our website, whether you're shopping or sharing information about FSAstore.com! At FSAstore.com, our mission has always focused on making it easy and convenient for people to use their FSA. This program allows you to not only manage and use your FSA, but also get rewarded for it in the process. There are no costs attached for being part of the program, and you can earn points in a few simple steps.

So, how you go about earning rewards with an FSA?

For every $1 you spend at FSAstore.com, you’ll earn 10 points. So, a routine purchase of $100 will net you 1000 points that you can redeem toward additional discounts in the future. Buying FSA eligible products at FSAstore.com isn’t the only way to earn points.

Get FSA Perks points by:

Friend referrals. Like our site? Tell your friends, family members or coworkers about it!

Submit a review. Do you like shopping on our site? What about our site do you love? Share your shopping experience.

Sharing on social media. You can tell friends or family about us on Facebook and Twitter!

Submit your FSA deadline. Did you know we can send you reminders about your upcoming FSA deadline? Share your FSA deadline information with us via the FSA Deadline Tracker under your account to avoid missing the deadline.

Claim your FSA Perks

You can easily claim the points you've earned by signing up for an account at FSAstore.com .To access information regarding your rewards, go to the “FSA Perks” section under your account.

Visit the FSA Perks page for all the details, terms and conditions.

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