Back-to-school essentials covered by Flexible Spending Accounts

Your kids can sense it – before they know it, they’ll be heading back to school! With clothing and school supply shopping in your near future, it can be easy to overlook the wide range of health products that your kids may need during the school year.

After all, going back to school where your kids are exposed to higher levels of germs or will be participating in after-school activities or sports teams, there’s a higher incidence of kids coming down with a cold. The good news is, if you or your spouse have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can cover a huge range of qualifying products that can keep kids happy and healthy all year long.

Here are a few ideas from as your kids get back in the classroom:


Cuts, bumps and bruises are a fact of life, and school is an active environment where these small mishaps could take place. With recess, gym class and many other activities that your kids will participate in, make sure you have a ready supply of bandages on-hand when your child heads back to school!

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September will still have warm weather and strong sunshine, so if your child will be participating in after-school clubs or sports, he or she will need protection from the sun. Get a sunscreen that has broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays, a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30+and water resistance when exposed to water and sweat.

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Being back in the classroom will expose your child to a wide range of viruses and bacteria, and the inevitable sick day will take place. Monitoring your child’s temperature is a necessary step to understand the scope of your child’s illness and how you should respond to help him or her get back on the road to recovery. There are countless thermometers, and they are eligible for FSA reimbursement!

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Hot/Cold Packs

If a headache, sprain, or back pain strike, there are a huge range of hot/cold packs that are covered by your FSA. Apply these for either hot/cold therapy to quickly treat pain.

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Bundles are FSA eligible care packages consisting of different products for family needs.

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