Be sun safe with dermatological sun care

As warmer weather approaches and you get ready for spring and summer adventures, don't forget to include to wear sunscreen before you go out! Often, people think that sunscreen is unnecessary on a cloudy day, or that applying sunscreen doesn't help unless you're exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, but that's simply not the case.

Fortunately these are myths, and there's more good news: your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) covers Broad Spectrum, SPF15+ sunscreens, so you can protect your skin. At, we even recently launched our new Dermatological Sun Care category with top brands such as La Roche-Posay, Vichy and MDSolarSciences.

These are dermatologist-recommended sun care products that are also water resistant and suitable for every day wear. MDSolarSciences sunscreens are mineral broad spectrum sunscreens. Want to take a further look at Dermatological Sun Care? Browse the category and get ready for warmer temperatures with your FSA!

Let's explore three questions about sun care and matching dermatological sun care options:

1) "I don't need to apply sunscreen if an area of my body isn't directly exposed to sunlight, right?" This is actually wrong. According to WebMD, "The average T-shirt offers an SPF of about 7. Darker fabrics and tighter weaves provide more protection, but it is much safer to apply sunscreen to your entire body before you get dressed. Or better yet, wear clothing made of UV protective fabrics."

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2) "I need the highest SPF to protect my skin, I think?" According to WebMD, this is myth, as a sun protection factor of 100 should be twice as protective as SPF 50. But it's only a few percentage points more effective. An SPF of 15 screens 93% of the sun's rays and an SPF of 30 screens 97%."

In addition, WebMD mentioned that you should re-apply sunscreen a few times, if you're exposed to direct sunlight a few hours at a time, and apply it your face no matter what the weather is like that day. If you're going swimming or get sweaty, you should re-apply sunscreen, as well.

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3) I found a bottle from last year. I can still use that, right?

Wrong! Though sunscreens may not expire every year, you should be applying it enough so that you don't need to use last year's sunscreen supply.

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