What Can I Buy Using FSA Money? (Video)

It's one of the most asked questions we get at FSAstore.com: "What can I buy with a Flexible Spending Account or FSA?" So, we decided to interview a few people and ask them about eligibility!

Want to learn more? Watch the video and find out!

FSA Eligible Products

There's a lot of confusion around covered expenses for these popular, tax-advantaged health accounts. The goal at FSAstore.com is to always make it easy for anyone to use and shop with a Flexible Spending Account. We sell thousands of products that are eligible (including many everyday healthcare items you may be surprised to learn are covered).

Shop the products mentioned in the video:

Use an FSA for Hot and Cold Packs!

Buy Sunscreen with SPF15+!

Reduce eye puffiness with Pain Relief Eye Masks!

Update your First Aid Kits!

Resources for your FSA

In addition to products, we offer free resources to help you better understand and manage an FSA. These resources include an Eligibility List, a Learning Center and an FSA Calculator.

FSA Eligibility List

By using the Eligibility List, you're able to browse through 700+ individual expense types. The list further breaks down information, so you can browse by plan type, such as Healthcare FSA, Dependent Care FSA, Limited FSA, and more. We also cover items that are not FSA eligible, as people often ask us about these expense types.

FSA Learning Center

Our Learning Center features in-depth articles on FSAs, whether it's about open enrollment, employment changes, budgeting an FSA throughout the year, coverage for you and your family, and more! Also listed are popular FAQs, so you can learn more about these plans after just signing up for one, or before you re-enroll. Short videos explain FSA basics, so you can watch these at your leisure. And, we have an "Ask and Expert" feature where you can submit your questions, and one of our experts will get back to you!

If you have a specific question about your FSA account, it's best to consult your FSA administrator. The FSA administrator has direct access to your account, balance info, claims details, and more.

FSA Calculator

An FSA Calculator comes in handy, especially around open enrollment time. Our calculator breaks down expenses into different spending categories. You can break it up by FSA money used for products, eye exams, dental visits, and specialist visits.

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