Celebrate World Health Day With Your Flex Spending Account

April 7 isWorld Health Day. The World Health Organization created this day to highlight public health, and encourage people all over the world to celebrate their health.

If youFlexible Spending Account (FSA), you already make a positive difference in your health. You can cover various medical expenses ranging from medical services to over-the-counter products.

Here are a few ideas for a healthy 2015:

Visit a Dentist

It's recommended that you visit the dentist for annual cleanings, and checkups to keep tabs on your dental health. Your FSA can cover these visits and be used for cleanings, necessary medical procedures like fillings, and more.

Schedule Eye Exams

If you wear glasses or use contact lenses, you know how important it is to monitor your eyesight. However, even if you don't yet have eye wear, it's good to check your eyesight. You can use your FSA to schedule an annual eye exam, and also to buy eye care products like prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses and contact lens solution.

See Specialists

While your FSA can cover visits to doctors and dentists (like your regular health insurance does), you can also use an FSA to visit specialists not covered by your insurance. These specialists might include acupuncturists or chiropractors.

Get a Physical

You can talk to your doctor, and have your FSA cover the visit in terms of co-pays and deductibles. Physicals are important to keep track of your health and discover any information regarding your health, so that you can stay healthy.

This World Health Day think about your health, and make positive changes for the future.

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