4 ways to treat cold symptoms

Are you suffering from a cold, and is it getting worse? Can a cold be fueled by not getting enough sleep or dealing with stress? It's certainly possible, according to an article on WebMD.

What are some ways to treat cold symptoms? Here are suggestions to help you get rid of a cold and alleviate pain:

De-stress and Rest up. In an article, WebMD experts say, "If you feel tired, overworked, sad, or angry, those emotions can sink your mood. That can slow your immune system just when you need it running at full power to fight the cold virus." They added, "Listen to your body when you feel a cold coming on. Get all the sleep you can. Get a handle on your stress -- it can quickly send a cold into high gear. "

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Drink Plenty of Fluids. Aside from de-stressing, making sure your body stays hydrated plays an important part in kicking that cold to the curb. Drink plenty of fluids (they will also help thin out mucus) and get enough rest.

Use Steam. A hot shower or a warm steam vaporizer can do wonders to loosen up congestion and provide some relief to headaches, sinus pressure and a stuffy nose. Neti pots with saline solution can also thin out mucus and clear your sinuses. You can easily shop for various Cold & Allergy products to treat your cold symptoms and get the relief you need.

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