Do you wear contacts? Save money with an FSA

If you wear contacts, you may be spending hundreds extra unnecessarily each year in sales taxes and other fees! Does your job offer a health plan with a flexible spending account (FSA) option? Wearing contact lenses as a vision correction method comes with a significant financial burden, but FSAs were developed to assist workers in covering long-term medical expenses just like this one!

Here are the most common FSA eligible contacts and care accessories you'll find at

1) Disposable/Extended Wear Lenses

No matter what type of contact lenses you wear, be it a daily disposable, monthly or extended wear lenses, they are eligible for reimbursement through an FSA because they assist in alleviating a significant medical condition (vision impairment). Additionally, if you like to cycle back and forth between contacts and glasses, eyeglasses and their accessories are also FSA eligible!

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2) Contact Lens Case

Overnight storage of contact lenses in cases with contact solution will dramatically improve the life span of your lenses, as well as preventing the buildup of bacteria that can lead to discomfort and potential infections. These cases are vital for the care of your vision correction method, so they are therefore covered by an FSA.

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3) Contact lens solution

One of the most widely used products for contact lens wearers is lens solution, which acts as a means of lubricating the eyes/lenses to make them easier to insert/remove, as well as containing antibacterial agents to clean the lenses after each use. Most importantly, contact lens solution help lenses retain moisture over time, which dramatically improves wearer comfort during daylight hours.

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4) Lubricating drops

Individuals who wear soft contact lenses will need to re-wet their lenses throughout the day and typically can't bring a big bottle of contact lens solution around with them! Lubricating drops are the pocket-sized option to moisten, clear and refresh lenses that have dried out or become exposed to environmental irritants. During those momentary bouts of discomfort that all contact lens wearers experience, lubricating drops are a fantastic quick fix.

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