Don’t lose Flexible Spending Account dollars: Know deadlines reminds consumers to spend down balance as year-end deadline approaches

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 17, 2014 - Nearly 35 million people are enrolled in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). According to a recent survey by VISA, these individuals have an average of $170 on the table at the end of the year because they aren’t aware of their spending, the only e-commerce site exclusively stocked withFSA-eligible products, urges consumers to check their FSA balances and spend any remaining funds before they expire. Since many FSAs have a Dec. 31 deadline, time to spend remaining FSA dollars is running out. The VISA survey also found that half of FSA users rush to spend their funds at the end of the year.

“As the FSA deadline approaches, we want to help customers maximize their health care savings and avoid losing sizeable FSA balances,” said Jeremy Miller, CEO and founder of “ offers the simplest solution by exclusively selling more than 6,000 FSA-eligible products, which eliminates all guesswork as to what’s eligible and makes shopping with your FSA fast, easy and convenient.”

To make shopping easy, offers individual products or FSA Bundles, which feature similar products in one, comprehensive package. There are 15 bundles available on, including the Baby Care Bundle, Family Essentials Bundle, Pain Relief Bundle, Sun Care Bundle, Travel Essentials Bundle, and more.

“I absolutely love the selection and ease with which I can shop. It’s very easy to tell which items are FSA-eligible products,” said Cynthia Olsen, an customer. “As a bonus, I could order at 11 p.m., on the evening of my expiration date in order to spend down all available funds.”

It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Maximize Your FSA at Year-End

1.Keep track of deadlines: Depending on your FSA plan, you may have a Carryover, Grace Period or neither. Learn more about Carryovers vs. Grace Periods in this video brought to you by You may also have a Run-Out period, which gives you additional time after year-end to submit for reimbursement of prior-year expenses. Contact your FSA administrator to see which option(s) apply to your particular FSA.

2.Spend wisely: Use the available funds in the FSA to pay for out-of-pocket expenses such as co-pays and deductibles. With any funds left over, don’t forget about eligible medical products you purchase throughout the year, such as contacts and glasses, thermometers, first-aid kits and thousands of additional products offered by

3.Ensure less paperwork: When using an FSA debit card at, you significantly reduce your chance of having to supply purchase documentation, as all products sold on the site are guaranteed FSA eligible.

About was founded to make it simple and convenient to spend, manage, and use an FSA. For the last four years, has been the only e-commerce site stocked exclusively with FSA eligible products, eliminating any and all guesswork as to what is and isn’t FSA eligible. In addition to the 6,000 eligible products available, the site offers educational resources for FSA holders, including the most comprehensiveEligibility Listin the industry and a Learning Center with answers to the most common FSA questions. accepts all FSA and major credit cards, offers 24/7 customer service, two-day turnaround for all orders and free shipping on orders $50+.

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