Expecting? Use your FSA on 5 great baby care items

First and foremost, congratulations! As new parents, your bundle of joy will change your lives in unimaginable ways. There’s a long road ahead to plan for a healthy pregnancy and to ensure that you have everything you’ll need to hit the ground running with a newborn.

Parents who have the benefit of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can use their tax-free funds on a huge range of baby care items that can help them plan for before and after the baby is born.

Before the baby arrives, consider some of these flex spending eligible items at FSAstore.com that expecting parents will surely make use of!

1. Prenatal vitamins

Women who are pregnant will need to eat a well-rounded diet to provide for both the nutritional needs of themselves and their children, but even the most disciplined moms-to-be may have significant gaps in their diets. According to WebMD, prenatal vitamins are highly recommended for expecting mothers to reduce their baby’s chances of birth defects, preterm birth and low birth weights. Ideally, prenatal vitamins will contain beneficial ingredients like folic acid, iron, calcium and a full slate of other vitamins and minerals to avoid promote proper health from pregnancy to birth.

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2. Baby Sunscreen

Babies should be kept completely out of the sun before six months of age. When they do finally venture out into the sunshine, they’ll need to be fully protected. Baby sunscreens should contain broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, contain an SPF rating of 50 or greater, and should be waterproof to maintain effectiveness after your baby goes in the water.

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3. Baby Saline Spray

Getting a baby to blow his or her nose is a nearly impossible proposition, which is why saline sprays are the secret weapon for parents looking to control their child’s nasal congestion. These products are designed for a baby’s tender nasal passages and can be a helpful ally when colds and sinus issues arise.

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4. Baby Thermometer

A fever is a particularly scary time for new parents, and if this occurs in the future, you’ll need to bring down the child’s temperature slowly, provide comfort and stay on top of temperature readings throughout. Investing in a quality, non-invasive baby thermometer is a must for all new parents who will most likely have to contend with an illness at some point in their child’s young life.

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5. Skincare ointment

No matter how absorbent your diapers may be, diaper rash is a fact of life for many new parents. Treating diaper rash with skin-treating ointments is the best way to avoid lingering infections, so make sure you pick up baby-safe products that are designed to treat these conditions when they rear their ugly heads. Please note: Diaper cream is FSA eligible with a prescription.

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