Flexible Spending Account Eye Care Tips

Often, when people think about Flexible Spending Accounts, eye care is at the top of the list. As spending deadlines approach, people rush to get an eye exam or shop for prescription eyeglasses to use their FSA.

Many eye care retailers advertise the end-of-year FSA deadline as well, so it's not unusual to see people flocking to the stores.

Maintaining Healthy Vision

WebMD offers some good tips for maintaining good health and recommends 6 tips on how to do so. Check out the full article via:http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/good-eyesight

FSA Eligible Services

Your Flexible Spending Account can cover any medically necessary treatments for eye care including LASIK (laser eye surgery). Other qualifying expenses would routine eye exams, and any other corrective surgeries/procedures. Check in with your FSA administrator to see which expenses are qualified under your FSA, or read the Summary Plan Description.

Browse the FSA Eligibility List for additional service information.

FSA Eligible Eye Care Products:

  • Contacts, contact lens solution, contact lens cases
  • Prescription eyeglasses, eyeglass repair kits
  • Prescription sunglasses
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