Flexible Spending Account Grace Period Checklist (March 15)

When it comes to your health, it's good to stay on track with your Flexible Spending Account. Because these accounts have deadlines...and because they save you money on your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, you'll want to remember to the account whenever you can. Whether you use an FSA for medical care, or to shop for everyday healthcare products, your FSA helps you save.

If you're among those who still have FSA money left over from 2014, it's not too late to use the rest of your FSA. It's important that you use whatever is left, because any remaining money gets forfeited (if it's not used by the deadline).

We've created a simple checklist to serve as a quick reminder for your Flexible Spending Account. Not sure if you have a deadline on March 15 (to use your 2014 FSA money)? Ask your HR department or call your FSA administrator ahead of March 15!

4 Steps to Help You Keep Track of your FSA spending:

1. Confirm your Deadline. Contact your FSA administrator to find out when exactly your plan-year deadline is, or ask your HR department about the details. You can also check your Summary Plan Description, which has all the information you need about your plan.

Not entirely sure if you have a Carryover or FSA Grace Period? Watch our video to learn more about both!

2. Check your balance and make sure to submit any claims. You can read more aboutclaims filing for your Flexible Spending Account.

3. Schedule a medical visit. Did you know you can use an FSA when you visit a dentist? How about when you get an annual physical or when you get vaccinations? When was your last eye exam? (your FSA exam can cover the cost!)

4.Shop for everyday health products. You can shop for thousands of FSA eligible products. To get a better idea about how to use your account, you can always check out our Eligibility List.

Do you have friends or coworkers with an FSA? Remind them to check for their deadlines, as well. It can be easy to forget about FSAs, but if you keep track of your funds throughout the year, you'll really maximize and save on health care.

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